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Notifier Italia headquarters are located in San Donato Milanese (MI) and there are seven branch offices in the main Italian cities: Torino, Padova, Bologna, Roma, Napoli, Bari and Catania. The headquarters' plant is now approximately 7,000 square feet.

According to the mentality of the group, Notifier Italia's staff works to provide top quality systems, assistance and support;  the ISO 9001 Certification is just the starting-point for a complete Customer support action. With technological innovations making distances shorter and shorter, Notifier Italia provides global solutions able to meet standards with products approved by the main agencies at international, European and national level.

Our product range includes fire alarm systems, security systems, micro-processor controlled programmable panels, supervision systems for building management and all accessory equipment for the fire industry. Product distribution does not imply only selling. Besides, Notifier Italia offers full customer assistance through:

  • a telephone Hot Line to provide real time technical assistance provided by specialized technicians;
  • training courses for our clients, held in San Donato Milanese and in our branch offices, focused on planning, commissioning, operation, assistance and maintenance of our systems;
  • collaboration in feasibility studies for fire, security and technical control projects as a support to users;
  • professional cooperation to consultants, insurance companies and authorities in charge of fire protection.

Last but not least, Notifier Italia takes part in field exhibitions and meetings, joins national and international workshops to set the standards for the fire industry.


Notifier history is marked by a few main events and milestones:

  • 1952 Local fire alarm Control Panel Underwriter's Listed
  • 1953 Remote Station Panel, the first ever listed by U.L.
  • 1956 Class "A" Proprietary System Underwriter's Listed
  • 1957 First "plug-in" Modular Fire Alarm System ever to be listed by U.L.
  • 1958 Sprinkler supervisory devices and Coders Underwriter's Listed
  • 1959 Controlled stroke, contactless and single stroke bells designed
  • 1962 Municipal Phon-O-Matic System introduced
  • 1966 Fire alarm Panels with voltage regulation for smoke detector applications
  • 1993 First to move analog intelligent systems into the "small" building category
  • 1996 Introduced "Laser" based spot type intelligent detector
  • 1998 Introduced HARSH Environment spot type intelligent detector (FILTREX™)

Notifier has reached at the present time the leading position worldwide in manufacturing fire alarm control panels and their peripheral devices, access control systems and facility monitoring systems.

NOTIFIER  is among the first in fire alarm industry to accept and introduce the challenge of Just-In-Time delivery and Zero defects manufacturing. The extensive manufacturing facility takes up the majority of space in the company's 252,000 square feet world headquarters building in the United States. This facility has met certification under International Organization Standards (ISO 9001) quality control program for design and production.

Notifier products are remarkably compatible each other, because they go to great lengths to ensure production specialists and design and engineering personnel are communicating to achieve product goals. One of the major reasons for Notifier's success is its steadfast commitment to Quality.

First in the industry to be approved under ISO 9001 standards in April 1993, Notifier employs professionals in research, design, engineering and production. These dedicated professionals work as a tight-knit team to ensure compliance with performance specifications. Together, they take advantage of Notifier's considerable technology and one of the fire alarm industry's most modern manufacturing facilities to create smoke and heat detectors, pull stations, speakers, bells and horns, waterflows devices, annunciators and more that are fully compatible with outstanding control panels. All of these products are manufactured using the very latest advancements, including surface-mount technology, which dramatically reduces the size of products and increases reliability.
Notifier's achievements translate into an operating philosophy that is a commitment to excellence, which ensures total customer satisfaction, highest quality, most complete product line, prompt on-time delivery and competitive pricing.

The group, a pioneer of low voltage fire detection systems and the developer of the modular concept in fire control panels, has been a leader in the fire protection industry for over 45 years. The story of the company, which has made the term "Notifier" synonymous with "fire protection", began in the 1940's. The idea of Oliver T. Joy grew from a tiny frame building in Waverly, Nebraska, in 1949 mainly installing a few Fire Alarm Systems in nursing homes and hospitals within a hundred mile radius of Lincoln. The firm then began providing protection for such industrial giants as General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Bendix Corporation and IBM. Today Notifier's services are worldwide.
Oliver Joy was ably assisted in the growth of Notifier by his wife, Dr. Margaret Joy, who became the executive Vice-President of the newly formed company, and the only woman in the fire protection industry to appear in "Who's who of American Women".
In 1956, the assets of Notifier Manufacturing Company were transferred to the newly formed Notifier Corporation. In 1959, six and a half acres of land were acquired in Lincoln, Nebraska, and a new plant and general offices totaling 12,000 square feet of additional manufacturing space was added. In 1968, when Notifier sold to Emhart Corporation, the firm occupied a building totaling 40,000 square feet. Another 20,000 square feet was added to accommodate the manufacturing of smoke detectors and the designing of microprocessor-controlled panels and integrated audio/voice evacuation systems.
In 1962, Notifier was selected to provide the fire detection system for the Seattle World's Fair, not on a basis of competitive bidding, but on a basis of excellence. On file at Notifier is a signed contract calling on the company to provide the fire protection equipment for a large New York hotel company when it builds its first hotel on the moon!

In 1987, Emhart decided to sell off its electronic division of which Notifier was a part. The company was purchased by Pittway Corporation and after a year NOTIFIER moved to new quarters in Northford, Connecticut. Pittway had earlier bought Fire-Lite Alarms and merged Notifier with Fire-Lite into a new plant with common manufacturing facilities. The Northford plant is now approximately 252,000 square feet. In addition, Notifier has five manufacturing facilities and a vivacious sales and support staff positioned in 17 offices spanning the globe.

At present, Notifier belongs to the American multinational HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC., whose head office is in Morris Plains, New Jersey.

HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL, born in 1999 from the merger of the two American colossus Allied Signal and Honeywell, is one of the most important groups in the world, present in 70 countries, employees more than 129,000 people and has an annual turnover of 36,8 billion dollars. The group is listed at New York, London and Chicago Stocks Exchange and is one of the 30 quotations forming the Dow Jones Index.

HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL interest goes from aerospace products to plastic industry (materials with big additional value for the nylon production), mechanical industry (turbines for diesel motors), production of vehicles' accessories like seat belts and braking systems, HVAC control and security systems.

Among the Divisions that make up HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL there is Automation & Control Solutions  (ACS) which is divided into several Business Units; NOTIFIER is part of Honeywell Security & Fire (HSF) that includes all companies involved in fire detection and security products and solutions.


Quality & Environment

NOTIFIER ITALIA S.r.l. Quality and Environment Management Systems are certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004


NOTIFIER ITALIA S.r.l. is responsible for the operating and administrative management of sales in the Italian market, regarding those products manufactured by the companies and the divisions of the Honeywell Group.

The company typical activity concerns sale, order management, the distribution of the ordered products to customers and customer care.

The company's Quality Management System, applied to all the activities mentioned above, refers to the Manual adopted by NOTIFIER ITALIA S.r.l. in compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 - Quality Management Systems – Requirements.

This document contains requirements and procedures to be observed, the form to use and the information about the involved departments, specifying every time the company Quality objectives and how the company organization co-operates to reach them.


NOTIFIER ITALIA S.r.l. has the task of minimizing the impact of its operations on the environment through a program of continuous improvement in order to be recognized by the community as an excellent organization in respect of natural resources and population.

This policy is transmitted both to our employees and to the suppliers of goods and services, as well as to the public who requests it.

The company's Environmental Management System, applied to the above mentioned process, refers to the Manual adopted by NOTIFIER ITALIA S.r.l. prepared in accordance with the guidelines and provisions of the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 - Environmental Management Systems - Requirements with guidance for use.

Environmental Policy Declaration

The mission of NOTIFIER ITALIA S.r.l. is to reduce the impact that our business operations may have on the environment, thanks to a continuous improvement program so as to be evaluated as an excellent organization that works respecting natural and human resources.

This policy is spread to our staff, our suppliers of goods and services and to those who are interested in.

Especially our company does its best to respect environmental obligations prescribed by the Laws and Regulations in force; where specific regulations referring to our activity are unavailable, we have given ourselves explicit evaluation criteria in order to operate in respect of the environment.

For this reason, NOTIFIER ITALIA S.r.l. wants to engage itself in pursuing these principles:

  • investing in Innovation Technology to bring our process up-to-date and avoid situations of environmental risk,
  • investing time and resources in professional development and human resource training in order to study possible technical / operating improvements with reference to the advance of technology,
  • reducing natural resources and materials consumption and promote, if possible, recycling in order to restrict waste production,
  • advising our suppliers and our customers on environmental problems and to the correct waste disposal,
  • fixing  new environmental policy goals to pursue every year.

It is very important that every staff member does his/her best to observe these principles to continuously improve the area where we live.

Notifier Italia helps the Environment (Ronchi's Law - 5/2/1997)

It may happen that our customers receive our products packed in "used" cardboard boxes. That is not an oversight towards our customers, but a need to recycle these boxes.

In this way, we can pursue two different aims:

  • price containment and
  • forest safeguard.

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